Wilson's Memorial Monuments, Inc.

For centuries, families have memorialized the passing of their dearly departed using a headstone or grave marker.
These headstones not only mark the place where a person is laid to rest, but also provides future generations with a brief glimpse into the life of their per-descendants.
Regardless, it is important for the marker to be created to withstand years and years of exposure to the elements, while also providing the personalization that the family desires.
Memorials.com offers granite and bronze headstones, and each material has a unique manufacturing process.

The process for granite headstones:
Our workers polish the stone first to prepare it for the following processes.
Once polished, the workers apply an adhesive-backed rubber stencil to the granite headstone face that is to be personalized.
This stencil is used as a guide to engrave any information, such as words, dates, or emblems, into the granite headstone surface.
The stencils are generated in a computer program that will accurately produce the best stencil for the requested design and information to be etched.
While computers are now used to help the engraver in producing a more precise outcome on the stone, the process is still greatly reliant on the artisan's skill and ability to work with the programs and machinery.
Once the stencil has been applied, the engravingis done in a special sandblasting room.
The uncut portion of the stencil is then removed, and, after the standard final preparations, the granite headstone is ready to be shipped.